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Photo of Robert PalmaRobert Palma: President/Owner

It is not often someone realizes at an early age their passion in life. When I was 16 years old I was given the opportunity to work in a dental laboratory and quickly found that it was the field I wanted to choose as my lifetime profession.

Dentistry is a rapidly changing discipline and I decided early in my career to constantly improve my skills by immersing myself in not only my job but by also continuing my education with advanced classes. My latest interests include the digital side of dentistry, utilizing technology like the Itero digital impression system and the 3- shape scanner, to fabricate digitally designed restorations. I have made it a priority to familiarize myself and become certified in all of the leading dental implant systems and am currently involved in four synergy courses with the 3i Implant system. I feel you cannot remain competitive and offer the best dentistry possible without continually honing your skills and keeping abreast of new technology and materials.

I understood a long time ago that dentists have tons of possibilities when it comes to choose who fabricates their restorations. It seems like every day there is a new dental laboratory opening its doors. When I opened my own laboratory I took a step back and asked myself "how can we be different form all the others". I decided that customer service was of upmost importance. I take pride of the fact that I will come to the phone when you call, or will visit your office if need be. My laboratory is staffed by my closest friends and family and we treat our customers as extended family. Most of my long time clients have become close friends of mine. Rest assured, I will always make your cases a priority and will always give the best effort possible for your patients. I feel our laboratory is an extension of your practice so we will always reflect the values of our doctors when treating their patients.

I can honestly say that the people who are happiest with their lives tend to do the best work for others. My wife Lisa and my three daughters: Taylor, Ava and Aubrey give me tons of inspiration and happiness. The combination of family and the profession I have chosen provide me with balance and satisfaction in life. If given the chance, I believe you will see this in the restorations I fabricate.

Photo of Kris StoneKris Stone: Removable Prosthetics Director

Over the past 12 years Kris has personally committed himself to providing our clinical clients and their patients with uncompromised quality restorations. At the center of his success as a team player, is his ability to provide ongoing qualified communication and delivering valued results.  Kris has positioned himself as a valued clinical and laboratory asset.

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