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Tips for an accurate shade selection

  • The patient should remove any lipstick or bright makeup.
  • Make the shade selection at the beginning of the appointment before the tooth becomes dehydrated and your eyes become fatigued. Whenever possible take a shade prior to tooth preparation.
  • The canines are a good reference because they have the highest chroma (intensity_) of the dominate hue (color) of the teeth.
  • Make your final shade selection after comparing your shade selections with those of another team member.
  • Compare your selection under varying conditions such as lip retraction vs lip down and when the patient move their head in different directions or lighting angles. The shade tab should be parallel with the tooth being shade matched to minimize depth perception errors. View the shade under corrected lighting.
  • Note that you cannot provide too much information to our lab technicians. Taking a picture with the shade tab and shade number visible in the photo helps greatly- this enables the technician to see the anatomical characteristics, adjacent teeth for shape and size etc.