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At Palma Dental Lab, we are focused on implants, hybrid solutions, and technologically driven aesthetic restorations. Regardless of case complexity, our highly skilled team of implant specialists and CDT’s and TE’s are versed in all implant platforms, components, and materials. With Palma Dental Lab, you have access to the laboratory support necessary for the success of dental implant treatment solutions.

Palma Dental Lab provides highly esthetic and durable fixed restorations, including the latest all-ceramics and tried-and-true metal-based crowns and bridges. Our technicians work hard every day to ensure high-quality results for every case. We invite you to peruse our full line of fixed offerings to find the best restoration for your patients.

Crown & Bridge

All on X

Deliver your edentulous patient the ultimate restorative solution with an implant-retained “All-on-Four” prosthesis.


Ideal for patients who demand the highest quality and most natural look for their teeth.


Offer patients simple maintenance and care with the ability to remove teeth overlays from implant bar for cleaning.

Atlantis Bridgebase

Fully digital bridge on multiple implants with natural aesthetics for easy maintenance.

Sending a digital case to Palma Dental Lab has never been easier. Simply select your scanner below and follow the instructions to add Palma Dental Lab as the default destination on your preferred device.

Sending Traditional Impression?

Call 800-924-6025 To Schedule Pick Up

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